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➡️   👋🏽 👋🏽 Creative Community Grow is our non-profit organization that houses our programs. GO TO OUR WEBSITE ‼️

🌱 Capital Area Cleanup is a community made up of invested individuals, corporations, and organizations who deeply care for the Earth, our connection to to the natural family, and want to secure our healthy future, as a whole.

 ♻️ The Community Compost Coalition is a new effort to increase our awareness, as a community, over soil and food health. We host educational workshops, volunteer and learning opportunities, and provide service and guidance to those wanting to learn! We will be open for drop-off in mid March, 2024 for all residents in Dauphin County. Pick-up options will be available in July, 2024 to local small businesses and residents.

🌻 If you're interested in our efforts and want to be involved, through volunteership or membership, you're at the right place!

🌺 If you want to support our efforts through sponsorship, please contact us directly at

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